The Big Court and Lil Dani Show - with Courtney Richardson and Danielle Carr

The Big Court & Lil Dani Show will be an intriguing radio talk show that will include exclusive interviews with celebrity guests and discussions on everything from politics, gossip, healthy living and entertainment news.

Big Court has a rich history in the music business and is a longtime close friend/former artist of music mogul Master P. “The general public always recognizes me as the big muscle guy always with P” says Big Court. Standing 6’3 weighing in at 240lbs of solid muscle, Big Court has been reluctantly accepted being labeled a sex symbol by his adoring female audience! The charismatic big guy states “I’m always flattered by the compliments but I’m looking forward to redefining radio and entertaining the world”. Along with his sexy co-star Lil Dani whose quick witt and infectious laugh will have audiences clamoring for more.





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